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I used to think the top environmental problems were biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse and climate change. I thought that thirty years of good science could address these problems.

But I was wrong.

The top environmental problems are selfishness, greed and apathy. And to deal with those we need a spiritual and cultural transformation and we, scientists, don´t know how to do that.

Gus Speth

We have new expectations of our companies. The reason why companies exist is changing for good.

Sustainable growth

Not economic growth at any cost

Healthy contribution

Beyond performance


Instead of stress


Over individualism

A global phenomenom

of CEO’s believe that improving their firm’s culture increases its value

of CEO’s and CFO’s place culture in their top 3 to 5 value drivers for their company

of companies state that their culture does not align with their strategy

of CEO’s believe the culture is where it should be

This is what we’ll help you achieve

Thriving culture

Our programs create a clear shift. A ‘before’ and ‘after’. Trust, accountability, collaboration, empowerment and creativity are up. Blame, lack of trust, silo’s, hesitation, and risk-aversion come down. It is easier to get things done. It’s more fun to work here. Attracting and retaining talent is easier.

Leadership +

Leaders’ inner development accelerates. They become more effective in empowering teams and growing the desired culture. Employee engagement rises, as does productivity, safety, and wellbeing. Sick-leave and employee turnover drops. Brand image risks from frustrated employees reduces.


Employees that feel better, have more appetite for challenge. They bounce back more easily from setbacks and upsets, individually and collectively. Change is smoother to implement. The organisation is more resilient to external threats in this VUCA* world.


* Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous


Zhimble programs make culture tangible and measurable, setting a clear strategic culture-change agenda, with a clear approach.

We help your team develop the culture and mindset that best serves your business and strategy.

Tailored yet modular

One program involved 13 different sites across Europe.

Looking back, the various sites said the program felt completely tailored to their situation, objectives, challenges and culture, making it relevant and impactful. Yet it consisted for 80% of the same modules, drawn from one common framework.

A collective personal journey

“Culture transformation is personal” one client said.

“To change our culture, we first learned to look at ourselves” is what another client said.

Culture transformation is a collective, personal journey.


5 Arenas for Shaping Culture

1. Me – Practice Personal Transformation Creative responses to people & situations. Leaders first.

2. My Team – Grow Healthy Team dynamics Engage and equip team leaders to grow healthy team cultures.

3. Our Organisation – Mobilise collective focus on key cultural strengths and on resolving limiting behaviour patterns.

4. Our Talk – Build positive narratives Deflate negative old narratives, seed positive new ones.

5. Our Structures – Debug draining systems Adapt ‘stuff’ nesting old culture causing frustration.

What our customers say

Zhimble has an innovative approach and inspiring content. People, and their well-being, are truly central. This is a core principle that many leaders carry in their heart, but often gets lost or trampled.

Annemie Godts

Engie BU Generation - Chief Business Sustainability Officer

Working with Zhimble is an exciting experience, they provide transformation that is real, to the point, personal, meaningful and genuine. Their approach is refreshing, they have the capability to go deep.

J.J. van der Bij

Senior VP Health, Safety & Environment

What I really like about the Zhimble program, is that it does not only help people in their jobs, but also at home, with their families.

Jack Govers

Aleris – CEO Europe and Global Markets

Through deep enquiry and empathy, you get an improvement approach that touches people personally, taking them outside the beaten path and comfort zone.

John Bruijnooghe

Sabic Geleen - Site Manager

Zhimble brings transformation at a personal and organizational level in a most authentic way. With spirit, challenge and compassion.

Thijs Draaijer

Mentor Medical Systems Leiden - Site Manager

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