Zhimble is all about Transformation

Transformation occurs, when we experience an internal shift in our individual and collective worldview. Insights emerge, that make us respond and act differently, without effort or thinking. It is irreversible and natural.

Zhimble facilitates transformation programs in multinational organisations all over the world.

Zhimble history

Zhimble was originally founded named iBanx in 2000. The purpose of iBanx was to assist organisations in manufacturing to create breakthroughs in HSE processes and culture. The first program in which iBanx was asked to assist with the transformation of  an organisation culture, dates back to 2002. In 2009 iBanx was split into iBanx HSE, now iB&x and Zhimble. Zhimble was founded by Arjen Mak, Reinoud Slot and Paul van de Griendt.

Global presence

Beyond the two Zhimble partners, Zhimble works with a network of Associate Facilitators around the world.

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Since 2009, Zhimble has worked with numerous organisations, in Europe and beyond.

Zhimble has formed a close relationship with Gita Bellin & Associates. All Zhimble Facilitators are accredited GBA Facilitators of Transformation.