Gita Bellin & Associates

Gita Bellin (Australia) is recognised as a global pioneer in the field of human transformation, McKinsey drew on her knowledge for their organisational transformation work. Zhimble facilitators are accredited by Gita Bellin & Associates. Furthermore, Zhimble partners assist in delivering the Facilitator Development Program of Gita Bellin & Associates. This program is recognised world wide as the most effective transformation program  for Transformation Experts.

Barret values centre

Barrett Values Centre® provides powerful metrics to support leaders in building values-driven organisations. The Cultural Transformation Tools® are among the most detailed and comprehensive cultural diagnostics commercially available. By mapping your values to the Seven Levels of Consciousness® Model, you will be able to measure and manage your culture.  Zhimble consultants are Certified to use the Cultural Transformation Tools.

Hearts & minds

The Energy Institute in the UK manages the Hearts & Minds toolkit. Hearts and Minds is a behavioural safety toolkit designed to facilitate cultural change within organisations, in order to assist people to improve change safety behaviour and performance. It is intended to help organisations to improve their HSE performance by: Providing the process and tools to get everyone involved and to facilitate behavioural change – the necessary components of a solution. The Hearts and Minds toolkit enables you to create a truly proactive and generative approach to HSE management. Zhimble is preferred partner for Hearts and Minds work.

TU Delft

Delft University offers a post-graduate Masters program on Safety, Health and Environment. Zhimble has a relationship with Delft University where Zhimble partners lecture on leadership in this program.

Deltalinqs university

Deltalinqs is a membership organisation sharing knowledge and developing leadership in industrial companies in the port of Rotterdam. Zhimble delivers part of the Deltalinqs University curriculum.