Agaath Hermsen

Every human has the potential to flourish and contribute. My goal, as a facilitator, is to tap into this potential so that it can serve you and your team or organization. How? Through the creation of a safe environment where people can show their vulnerabilities. By introducing my light and enthusiastic energy which makes it more fun. And by bringing my skills in organizing and structuring which leads to concrete actions and tangible results.

My diverse background where I worked as a production manager, a supply chain manager and a senior HR advisor at a corporate headquarter, helps me to naturally relate to different parts of an organization. Personal development and growing consciousness are my passion and give meaning to my personal and business life. With the higher goal to make a positive contribution to all life. As a woman, I have an extra interest in female leadership development.

I live in the Netherlands with Alexander and our two kids. We love to be in nature and enjoy the simple things of family life. Art is important to me, from singing in a classical a-capella choir to getting inspired through a visit to a museum or concert.

I am schooled in Family Constellations & Theory U and am accredited for Barrett Values Assessment, MBTI and DISC. I studied International Business Administration (Bsc) and Operations and Supply Chain Management (Msc) at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.