Agaath Hermsen

Sometimes, you have an encounter that has a profound impact. Something deep inside is touched. A longing is stirred up. You learn something new about yourself and you feel a deep connection. Such encounters stick with us. They offer us something unique.

I’m passionate about creating such encounters, for myself and others. They give me a huge sense of aliveness and belonging.

For the past 6 years I’ve been working as a change consultant, facilitating people in team development, leadership and cultural change. People describe me as curious, bringing a positive vibe, a connector and a creator of a safe and non-judgmental space which stimulates the showing of vulnerability.

Personal development and growing consciousness are my passion and give meaning to my personal and business life. With the higher goal to contribute to a more beautiful future for the world and humanity.

I live in the Netherlands together with my partner Alexander and our two kids Arthur (2,5) and Tessa (9 months). We love to be in nature and enjoy the simple things of family life. Singing is important to me, as part of a classical a-capella choir with 17 women.

I am schooled in Theory U by the Presencing Institute and am MBTI and DISC accredited. I studied International Business Administration (Bsc) and Operations and Supply Chain Management (Msc) at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.