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Zhimble is a boutique consulting firm that is specialized in Cultural Transformation, Leadership Development and Executive Team Coaching. We serve Companies that desire a Cultural Transformation and want their leaders to grow into having a greater positive impact on their organisation.

Our approach is personal, tailor-made and based on globally renowned practices. Working with Zhimble is a unique experience. It expands awareness, authenticity and creativity.

Zhimble works with Executive and Leadership Teams, Top-100/200 leadership groups, Regional Management Teams and local Operations Teams within corporates, business units and local sites. We offer our transformation expertise to medium sized multi-national companies and business units up to 10,000 employees.

What Zhimble achieves for your organisation

Leaders and top teams increase their ability to impact levels of trust, accountability, courage and openness within their leadership reach.

The organisation experiences this shift. Trust, empowerment, and creativity grow. Limiting patterns – hesitation, risk-aversion, blame, silo’s, mistrust – disappear.

Performance reaches new levels through increased accountability, trust, creativity and well-being. Targets are achieved more easily. People respond to problems sooner and actively seek to learn from mistakes. Organisational changes are easier to implement.

The services of Zhimble

  • Cultural Transformation Programs
  • Team Development Programs
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Transformation Journeys
  • Safety or Excellence Culture Programs

“Initiative can neither be created nor delegated. It can only spring from the self-determined individual who decides that wisdom of others is not always better than his own”
– Buckminister Fuller –