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We serve multi-national organizations with leadership, culture and team challenges. In the past 20 years, we have worked with executives and leadership teams at corporate, business unit and regional levels. The many personal, team and organizational transformations on our path continue to contribute to the vision of a world full of purpose driven collaboration.

Reinoud Slot

Founding partner

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Paul van de Griendt

Founding partner

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Agaath Hermsen


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Mireille De Clercq

Management Assistent

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Pernille La Lau

Associate partner

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Hélène Webers

Associate partner

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Phil Clothier

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Tor Eneroth

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Mirko Kobiela

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Zhimble is a boutique consulting firm that is specialized in Cultural Transformation, Leadership Development and Executive Team Coaching. We serve Companies that desire a Cultural Transformation and want their leaders to grow into having a greater positive impact on their organisation.

Our approach is personal, tailor-made and based on globally renowned practices. Working with Zhimble is a unique experience. It expands awareness, authenticity and creativity.

Zhimble works with Executive and Leadership Teams, Top-100/200 leadership groups, Regional Management Teams and local Operations Teams within corporates, business units and local sites.

Trusted by companies worldwide

Our partners

Delft University offers a post-graduate Masters program on Safety, Health and Environment. Zhimble has a relationship with Delft University where Zhimble partners lecture on leadership in this program.

Gita Bellin (Australia) is recognised as a global pioneer in the field of human transformation, McKinsey drew on her knowledge for their organisational transformation work. Zhimble facilitators are accredited by Gita Bellin & Associates. Furthermore, Zhimble partners assist in delivering the Facilitator Development Program of Gita Bellin & Associates. This program is recognised world wide as the most effective transformation program for Transformation Experts.

Barrett Values Centre® provides powerful metrics to support leaders in building values-driven organisations. The Cultural Transformation Tools® are among the most detailed and comprehensive cultural diagnostics commercially available. By mapping your values to the Seven Levels of Consciousness® Model, you will be able to measure and manage your culture.  Zhimble consultants are Certified to use the Cultural Transformation Tools.

The Energy Institute in the UK manages the Hearts & Minds toolkit. Hearts and Minds is a behavioural safety toolkit designed to facilitate cultural change within organisations, in order to assist people to improve change safety behaviour and performance. It is intended to help organisations to improve their HSE performance by: Providing the process and tools to get everyone involved and to facilitate behavioural change – the necessary components of a solution. The Hearts and Minds toolkit enables you to create a truly proactive and generative approach to HSE management. Zhimble is preferred partner for Hearts and Minds work.

iBanx was founded

In 2000, Arjen Mak, Paul de Vries, Partick Kools and Reinoud Slot, 4 ambitious people joined forces and founded iBanx with the purpose to help organise technical documentation and data for manufacturing companies in an online SAAS platform.

Change course

Many iBanx’ clients were more interested in improving their HSE related processes such as Permit to Work, Shift Handover and Lock-out-Tag-out. In 2001, iBanx released PermitCliq, an electronic Permit-To-Work System that was developed together with manufacturing organisations.


First Culture Transformation Program

Yara, back then called Hydro Agri, asked iBanx to design and deliver a Behaviour Based Safety Program. This intended to improve the Safety Culture on Yara’s site in Sluiskil, Netherlands. It was the first culture change program for Paul van de Griendt. Yara’s HSE performance improved significantly, Yara Sluiskil won a Green Leaf award for their long term HSE performance by the International Fertiliser Association. In addition, the BBS program was recognised by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Social affairs as the industry Best Practice for Behaviour Based Safety Programs.

iBanx grows up

Over the course of 8 years, iBanx developed two business units. The first BU was all about improving HSE processes based on industry best practices supported by state of the art software and a best-in-class implementation approach. With a client base consisting of companies in oil and gas, onshore and offshore, base and specialty chemicals, energy, waste, food and pharma a solid base for further investments and growth. The second BU designed and delivered cultural transformation programs. With a similar client base, successful programs were delivered to improve HSE performance, employee fulfilment, output, costs etc, also a strong foundation for further development.

Time for new beginnings

For a variety of reasons, the two business units had the wish to be independent. In 2010, Zhimble was founded by Arjen Mak, Paul van de Griendt, Patrick Kools and Reinoud Slot, continuing the cultural transformation activities of iBanx. Zhimble started with the tagline Leadership at every level (quote by Marc van Hijfte) and developed a new logo with a flock of birds swarming. The new Zhimble brand was presented in this video. Patrick Kools left Zhimble shortly after Zhimble was founded.
iBanx continued the HSE improvement software and services activities. Today iBanx is known as UniteX and is a top-notch safety software company for Operational Safety Excellence. To this day iBanx and Zhimble remain connected and there are still warm relationships between the two organisations.

Gita Bellin

Around 2011, Zhimble partners met Gita Bellin through Reinoud Slot who had been in one of Gita’s programs in 2007. Gita is one of the pioneers of the Transformation Revolution in Human Behaviour, within a wide range of public and corporate sectors. Her contribution to the knowledge of Cultural Transformation and Spiritual Awareness within all areas of human life has emerged globally over the past five decades.

She has developed Consultants and Facilitators to deliver Cultural and Behavioural Transformation Programs to clients worldwide. Her work is now offered on all continents in many languages.

Zhimble embraced Gita’s work and integrated it into client programs. Today, the Zhimble’s founding partners are part of Gita’s support circle to deliver her work.

Zhimble goes international

Various clients requested Zhimble to work internationally in the period commencing 2012. In the years following, we have worked in most European countries and countries such as UK, Canada and United Arab Emirates. We deliver our work directly in 4 languages (English, Dutch, German and French) and work through interpreters in  other languages.

Arjen Mak steps down

In 2019, after having worked together for over 20 years, Arjen Mak decided to step down as a Zhimble partner and move to the Cape Verdic Islands. This meant saying goodbye to a loved business partner and a friend for life.  Reinoud Slot and Paul van de Griendt continued Zhimble and embarked on a journey of rediscovering the purpose of their collaboration and the renewed purpose of Zhimble.

New Zhimble identity, new strategy

2022 was the perfect time to redefine Zhimble. Together with Marketing strategist, Ronald Taatgen, Sonja Nisson who is all about valuable content, brilliant storyteller Sharon Tanton and amazing brand identity designer Aga Nabielec we developed a completely new identity for Zhimble. This is now visible on the new Zhimble website and in other Zhimble materials.

One of the things that we are looking for is to add more diversity to the group of people that we work with. Different perspectives, different backgrounds, different ideas, different ways of working, yet all with the Zhimble signature.

New Zhimble partner

After having worked together on Zhimble programs for about a year, Agaath Hermsen decided to join Zhimble as a partner. She brings in new energy, and will no doubt be a driving energy in transforming Zhimble into the future.