Mireille De Clercq

Mireille De Clercq lives in Tenerife with her husband and daughter, she has been working as an management assistant for the last 5 years. She has over 15 year’s experience across several industries, including management assistant, office assistant,  customer service, account manager Benelux for a 5 star hotel, and sales director at a luxury real estate brand.

She is very enthusiastic about her work at Zhimble. Previous wide experience in business valuation, market analysis, management, administration, and client service in multinational companies allows her to understand better the needs of our clients from all over the world and appreciates the value of her client´s work. She loves to travel, horse riding, hiking, learn languages and get to know new cultures. It just seemed to make sense to combine her passions and her experience to help others find the footing they needed to get ahead in this ever changing world and use her drive for success to help others.