Passed the Facilitator Development Program

I am a Facilitator of Transformation. After a long career in the financial services industry I decided to switch career and develop myself into a different direction.
What happened?
In the beginning of 2018 I joined the Facilitator Development Program of Gita Bellin & Associates. By the end of November 2018 I received my accreditation for this program.
What are my most important learnings?
First of all, I discovered what a paradigm is. And what it is like to discover different paradigms. Change takes place in existing paradigms and Transformation happens in different ones. I also discovered that Transformation is about growth. And the magnitude of growth opportunities presenting themselves every day. I have become more aware of my own growth potential and that of other people around me. I also found out that I am good as I am. Growing from one state of perfection to the other. From outside-in focus, towards inside-out and now rebalancing this to AND and WE. Furthermore, I found ways to be at choice. Have the freedom of choice to respond instead of react. Living Creative Cause. Besides this, I feel very grateful having been given the opportunity to practice a way to relax and reconnect to my inner self, the Dynamic Mind Practice. And to benefit from all the other collateral beauty of this beautiful practice.
What’s next?
Now I can share the wisdom of Creative Cause with others. And it is my intention to be able to do the same for the Dynamic Mind Practice soon.  And yet I feel the same way as when I first drove a car after having passed my driver’s license. I passed the test, capability check is OK, and now the driving starts. With all its challenges and opportunities for growth. And Transformation continues. And I am looking forward to the learning journey ahead.


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