Transformation work in Germany… In German

From Intention to Possibility to Probability to Actuality… In the year 2013 I was standing in front of my coaching class in the US sharing my intention. It sounded like this: “I will not run away from Germany because it is my intention to help the people in my country to transform – from guilt to joy and love.”

During five and a half years I went through several deep transformative steps for myself. I made a choice to leave the corporate world as a business leader. I received a certification as an ontological coach and accreditation as a facilitator of transformation by GBA (Gita Bellin Associates). Just after this, Zhimble approached me to ask whether I could help to translate all transformation workshop materials into German. Additionally, they asked me to support a day of practicing delivering the work in German. For a ling time, I also held an intention to deliver this great work in my home country.

Last week my intention turned into an actuality. I was co-facilitating a workshop with Reinoud and Arjen for one of their clients – auf Deutsch!

What a gift, what a joy to be able to create a field for over 30 participants in which shifts in root perspective took place. Participants courageously stepped into owning what they are creating in their lives and started to realise that their upsets are opportunities for growth. We had A-ha moments and moments of reflective silence. Furthermore, a connection amongst participants emerged that helped to support each other on their journey. As individuals to expand their consciousness. To improve relationships and growth within their company.

What emerged with the trusting support of senior management and Zhimble facilitation is a powerful transformation journey. One sustaining itself and generating continuous development for all employees in the company. Both in their interaction with suppliers and customers as well as – not to forget – in all the families.

It was very beautiful to feel your joy during and after the workshop, Arjen and Reinoud. Your first workshop in German after 6 months of intensively studying the language. “You have it under the knee now.” (Dutch way of saying that one is capable of doing something as I learned.)

I am now more than curious to see what will emerge with our transformation work in Germany and beyond.

“Träume keine kleinen Träume mein Freund, denn sie haben keine Kraft die Herzen der Menschen zu bewegen” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

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