Paul van de Griendt

Just like the stars in the Universe, we are all unique sparks in the same Universe. Unique in who we are, how we are, why we are. As unique sparks, we are all looking for our place in the world, for meaning and purpose. We accumulate wealth, things, information, knowledge, time, etc. However, can we ever get enough of the world outside, when we ourselves are not fulfilled with a sense of purpose and meaning inside?

Unique sparks
Like stars and people, organisations are also unique sparks in the Universe. Unique in their raison d’etre, and unique in their ways. People are at the heart of this. They make every organisation truly unique. People love work because of the challenge. The money, career, good colleagues are all important qualifiers, but they are not the essence. Work that enables us to grow in who we are is meaningful. Achieving something purposeful, together with others, making a difference, is fulfilling.

And yet, in our organisations today, many people still feel their talents and potential are far from fully utilised, noticed or appreciated. These are missed opportunities for achieving high levels of engagement. But also commitment and creativity and low levels of absenteeism, burn-outs and staff turnover. In short, an area of great opportunity to improve business results AND fulfil people’s lives.
To fulfil our need for meaning, purpose and making a difference, we need to turn inwards. We need to transform. We need to introduce a continuous process of personal growth and transformation into our offices and workplaces, rather continuously changing our workplace structures.

Global Transformation drives us
Zhimble assists leaders in organisations to transform. Truly life changing. Zhimble delivers Transformation Programs to multinational corporations across the globe since 2003. Based in in Europe, Zhimble provides of a global network of experienced Transformation Experts in the America’s, EMEA and Australia.

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