Workshop in Brussels

A few weeks ago I was really excited to be going to Brussels. The trip’s purpose was a 1.5-day transformation workshop for a multinational utility company. Eurostar had other ideas!

30 minutes into our journey from London on the last train of the night, the train stopped. A significant amount of time passed where we were completely static not clearly understanding what was going on. Suddenly we found ourselves going back in the same direction from where we had come. It was such an odd experience! I’ve never been on a train which just goes back to its original point of departure. In my upset state of mind, I kept on asking myself over and over again, “Why have I created this?”

However, in every upset, there is an opportunity if we choose to see it. So, I was trying to understand what my opportunity was. Only the following morning when I finally arrived in Brussels did I realise the meaning of my upset. I was fully ALIVE and completely IN FLOW. This incident with the train had forced me to LET GO of being in control of everything. To be NOT in control, or, to be completely out of control which sounds even more scary. Synchronistically, I had the opportunity to be present in the workshop and facilitate in all my aliveness, bursting with love and joy. It was an incredible experience.

At the end of the first day the seeds for transformation had been sown. I felt incredibly moved as we completed the first relaxation practice together, knowing that for most people it was the first time that they had experienced something like this. As we entered the room on the second day, I felt a great sense of excitement for what was going to emerge.

During the Check-In, one person said: “In here there are no ‘have tos’, no ‘shoulds’ and ‘should nots’. No-one who tells me what I should believe. I can just be myself and choose what I do with what is offered. I am not used to this.” In this very trusting and intimate space, we were blessed with numerous insights, realisations and learnings,.

This led to some incredible outcomes by the end of the workshop. Moved to tears I listened as another person thanked us, with tears in his eyes, for the huge impact that the workshop had had on his life. It’s with immense gratitude that I am part of this work and witness to the power of transformation that lies within each one of us.

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