Phil Clothier

My parents instilled the values of service and compassion in me from a very young age.  They said “as soon as someone comes into our home they are part of our family and deserve as much love, care and attention as anyone else”. I saw them caring for others but they were not very good at caring for themselves.  This part of the equation I had to learn by myself, the hard way.  I have discovered that the only way I can truly serve is by focusing on my own wellbeing and inner peace.   I have had many wonderful experiences in the field of values, culture and transformation but even so I choose to come to this work with a beginner’s mind and stay open to the learning and possibilities that emerge every day.

Here are my top 10 personal values:
Compassion (Love In Action) — Courage, Ease With Uncertainty — Enthusiasm/ Positive Attitude — Environmental Awareness — Future Generations — Humour/ Fun — Perseverance — Personal Growth — Well-Being (Physical/ Emotional/ Mental/ Spiritual)